Anti-packaging group to hold rally

A local group called Plastic Attack Montreal has grown from an international movement against over-use of plastic packaging for food and other products. They’re holding a rally Sunday at a Provigo in Rosemont to make the point.

They have a Facebook page more or less visible without logging in (FB is making it harder to see any content without covering the screen with nags to log in).

Le Devoir considers it from the retailer’s perspective – people may say they want less packaging, but consumers also seem to want more prepared or semi-prepared food, which requires as much or more packaging.

A point I don’t see discussed but which seems central to me is sanitation laws. We don’t want food that’s touched or contaminated by others, but that has led to a mass quantity of packaging. You can hurt yourself trying to get into jars these days, for starters: you open a plastic seal around the outside to find the contents also protected by a plastic seal inside. But nobody is talking about changing these laws to help reduce the load of plastic we discard daily.