The new HEC and its charms

I’m not sure why the headline Irish-Montrealers rally to save remains of St. Bridget’s Refuge from development annoys me so much. Maybe because it names one Irish-Montrealer, who’s already been in the news about naming REM stations – not a movement or group – who is this guy, why does he have the ear of the media, and who’s he speaking for? not me – but I think it’s more that the value of the land has nothing to do with the history of a building that used to stand there, but as a small green refuge in a densely built-up part of town.

It will not be nice for anyone working around Lagauchetière or for the church itself to have the proposed huge glass box lurking on that piece of land, and it has nothing to do with claims to be Irish, or the memory of St. Bridget’s Refuge.